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Welcome to B-OneMender's Realm

9-11... Never Forget                                                          

 20 January 2003

 Welcome!  Most of this page is dedicated mainly to the hobby of 1/6th scale action figures collecting and  customizing.  There will be other items of interests of mine as well.  I was a GI Joe fan in my youth, but lost my treasures in the great garage sales of the 70's.  My interest was rekindled in the 95-96 timeframe upon the  release of the Classic Collection.  I purchased a few of these for my sons and ended up getting my own.  I found "Cotswold Collectibles" and the rest is history.  The hobby has grown quite a bit in the short 6 years I have been involved.  If you are interested, the first stop is the Usenet group  This is the best  resource on the 'net.  The people there are great.  Just ask a question and stand back.  Next go to Joe World.  This is a fantastic site with the best source for links to other sites on the 'net.    


bulletAdventure Team Joes
bullet21st Century Convention Pictures
bulletCustoms and Kit bashes  
bullet5 StarJeep refurb plans (scratch build your own windshield and tail gate) 
bullet Joe Goes to the 21st Convention - a small picture story of our hero as he prepares for the Con (2000)
bulletNew! Flash Force Special Operations Unit 7 
bulletJoe Links
bulletJCP Helo Review
bullet Maple Flag 34-3 - 1:1 scale aircraft photos!
bullet OEF Nose Art on F-16's!
bullet Miscellaneous Aircraft Photos
bulletProject Pops - A co-project between my brother and I to honor our hero



My troops are proudly affiliated with the International Special Operations Command FLASH FORCE.  They make up ISOC Unit 7.

"No Harm, No Quarter"

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