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B-OneMender's Realm

16 January 2003

Customs and Kit-bashes



Delta5.JPG (60480 bytes)  Delta7.JPG (59065 bytes) Delta6.JPG (59943 bytes) delta27.JPG (59281 bytes)

Delta Operator - Afghanistan



russ1.JPG (60308 bytes) russ2.JPG (60003 bytes) russ5.JPG (59848 bytes) russ6.JPG (57187 bytes) 

Proof of Life Russell

This is a new work in progress.  The movie wasn't the best, but the last 30 minutes is worth the lousy sexual tension between our hero and Meg Ryan in the first 3/4.  Finally, Russ gets pissed and starts to kick ass.  Dragon Russell head on a different body.  The original Russell fig has the rubber arms.  Although they are impressive bare, they don't pose for crap.  DPM camo from BBI's Allen figure (Thanks Tom Garlock!).  I just love Green DPM.  Trying to locate some 1:1 scale stuff for myself.  Dragon DPM vest, Brit belt, SOCOM pistol and holster, Canteen and retained jungle boots (from Vietnam Russ).  The buttpack is a 21st piece.  Need a black tank top and M-4.  This is one of the best sculpts (IMO) that Dragon has done, celeb or not.

DSC00092.JPG (61674 bytes)  DSC00099.JPG (34779 bytes) DSC00094.JPG (63145 bytes) 

USAF Pararescue

This is a Dragon Brian figure with 21st DCU's and the cloth desert boots.  Most of the other equipment is from Jose that I had bought piece by piece.  Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I put this guy together, I got a Jose off Ebay.  The price was too good to pass on.  The Jose sculpt wasn't right for the PJ anyway.  


indiejoe.JPG (20454 bytes)    indiejoe1.JPG (47657 bytes)  Indiana Joe

Vintage MOA with Cotswold's action hands, PT Boat shirt/pants, Target General jacket, custom fedora made out of a Hobby store cowboy hat, whip made from braided leather.  Relics from the Universal Studios 8 inch Mummy set.

cap'nJoe.JPG (35811 bytes)  Captain Joe, RN

This is a piece from Circle Home.  They advertised a Nelson uniform, so I asked them to modify it for a Post Captain of the period.  I sent them some scan of some pictures I had and they did a great job.  I highly recommend their work! This is on a WW2 Classic Collection Joe (my favorite head sculpt).  Joe has since moved to my Smoke Jumper Joe and this uniform is being filled by a Dragon Adam figure.

Smokejumper2.JPG (59894 bytes)  Smokejumper1.JPG (41862 bytes) Smokejumper3.JPG (45274 bytes) Smokejumper4.JPG (44475 bytes)  Smoke Jumper

Here is the CC WW2 Joe again, this time as a Smoke Jumper.  He has pants w/suspenders from the Tuskegee Pilot, desert boots, shirt from Teddy Roosevelt, O2 bottle from the CC HALO.  The helmet, belt, scarf, canteens and axe are from the Joe SJ set.  I also added a shovel, knife and radio to fill him out.  


MtnClmbr1.jpg (44181 bytes) MtnClmbr2a.jpg (54638 bytes)  Mountain Climber

This is a AO Joe wearing the jacket from the cool Ultra Corp Quad rider.  He has 21st Brit pants and helmet, 21st STABO rig, and Ultra Corp ice pick.  He also had a Hasbro back pack and rope bag from another Hasbro set.  Can't see in the lousy pic's but he is wearing the boots from the UC set as well.

safariJoe.JPG (49109 bytes) safariJoe1.JPG (61564 bytes) safariJoe5.JPG (55157 bytes) safariJoe6.JPG (51436 bytes) safariJoe7.JPG (61867 bytes)Adventure Safari

Here is a figure I threw together while thinking up a photo story including an Indiana Jones/AT tie-in.  This is a Dragon fig with the Hasbro Japanese officer pants and boots, Save the Tiger shirt, Bob Hope jacket, and Vintage pith helmet.  He is also equipped with the pistol/holster from Kennedy, Cots belt, SOTW satchel and the bone handle knife from 21st's Air Cav uniform.  He wears a first edition scarf from the 21st SCUD hunter as well.

NSAGuard1.JPG (63427 bytes) NSAGuard2.JPG (51649 bytes) nsa10.JPG (75372 bytes)

Naval Support Activity (NSA) Guard Manama, Bahrain 

Here is a Dragon Ranger figure with 21st 3 color desert camo, boonie, Dragon vest rig, dropdown, M-4, Hasbro Radio.  I modified the shirt sleeves for the accurate external "roll" of the sleeves as authorized in the Navy/Marines.  The figure did have the excellent boonie from Dragon's Brian figure, but my wonderful pup ate it.  


DSV10.JPG (62712 bytes) DSV8.JPG (61658 bytes) DSV7.JPG (62998 bytes) DSV2.JPG (61540 bytes)

Desert Strike  Vehicle Crew

Here the crew stands in front of their ride.  All crew members have Dragon chocolate chip DCU's, 21st Web gear, and BBI gas mask bags.  First guy from the left has is a Joe head on a SOTW "Outstanding Articulation" figure. He sports a night camo coat and choco helmet from the Hasbro Night Attack figure.  He has 21st boots.  Middle guy (kneeling) is a Dragon Brian stock except for the common gear mentioned.  In position on the gun, he wears a 21st Armor crew helmet.  The last guy is the Hasbro DSV driver that came with the vehicle.  He also sports the 21st Armored helmet as well as a three color 21st flak vest.  He has the weathered desert boots from thee Hasbro Night Attack.  Still need to do heavy mod's on the sandrail as soon as I get some time.  In the meantime, the side trays are filled with SATCOM radio, NVG's, ammo cans, ALICE packs for each member as well as other bits and pieces.   It will have a grenade launcher mounted on the passenger side, the .50 cal on top and a M-60 in the rear.  


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