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B-OneMender's Realm

12 August 2001

Review:  JCPenney Helicopter

This is the 37inch cobra-type helo on page 102 of the 2000 JCPenney Big Gift Book, Item # XU 655-2206 A , $29.99.  

Before we take a walk out to the flightline we'll meet up with TSgt Ryan, assistant maintenance chief for Lightning 7 (USDOC Reserve unit 7).  TSgt Ryan is an attached active duty Air Force troop.  L7 works closely with active duty units to help train it own organic troops.

(click for larger photo)

joeguide.jpg (40980 bytes) "Safety first.  Please ensure you have your hearing protection before we hit the 'line"

joenjane.JPG (59605 bytes) "Helping out with the tour is Cpl Beth Keeler, the crew chief of the new helo.  Beth is a USDOC troop, and has 4 years of helo maintenance experience.  Even though this helo is single seat, and the crew chief's don't fly along, all L7 troops are also qualified security troops."  (Beth is wearing the flightsuit that comes with the helo.  It is too tight for male figures.  Toss the figure, it's junk.  The boots are vintage style, but crap.  The helmet is OK with some work.)

threecopters.jpg (25088 bytes) "Here is the flightline view from a security tower.  You can see how the JCP helo compares in size with the Littlebird and the First Strike."

r2cockpit.jpg (53541 bytes) "Beth and I will get the canopy off for a better view of the cockpit."

cockpit1.jpg (49920 bytes)  instpnl.jpg (43111 bytes)" Here is the cockpit.  There is a center stick attached to the instrument panel.  Rudimentary dials with white and red solid painted dials are on the front panel."

helmetclr2.jpg (46609 bytes)  helmetclr1.jpg (48106 bytes)  helmetclr3.JPG (51710 bytes) "Here are three shots of the head clearance with the canopy installed.  First is a Supersoldier with a Jane helmet.  This offers plenty of room.  Second, is the same figure with the 21st helmet with NVGs.  The fit is real tight so the pilot requires "scrunching" down to prevent the helmet from going over his eyes.  The third is a pilot Jane.  Plenty of room here.  Overall the cockpit is roomy, except for the head clearance."

choppilot.jpg (56868 bytes) "Here is Al "Roscoe" Ross, the pilot for the new helo."

fntview.jpg (50502 bytes) "In this view you can see the wing stations.  The "wings" come un attached.  There are a gun/missile pod and rockets on each side.  The tips have some sort of launcher looking thing as well.  Way small in scale, but hey, the Littlebird's pods are almost as long as this whole aircraft!"

hullhalve.jpg (36244 bytes) "Whoops!  Pull the wrong bolts?  No, Beth is showing how the two hull pieces come in the box.  They snap together fairly solid.  Good news is that the helo is made from styrene, like the Littlebird, so it should accept paint fairly well.  The hull is screwed together as well so complete disassembly should be easy.  The main rotor and tail rotor are made of the shiny soft plastic, so they won't be as easy to paint.  The helo comes sporting OD and tan camo that fits in good here in Southwest Idaho.  There is a sticker sheet with white and red number markings as well."

sensor.jpg (47812 bytes) "At the nose, the sensor pod moves from side-to-side.  You can also see the beacon o the nose."

tailplane.jpg (48262 bytes) "Here is the tail section.  The tail plane in Beth's hand snaps in to position."

top.JPG (46504 bytes) "here is a top view.  Beth is showing how the rotor blades go passed center.  There are little screws that hold them on, but the material is too soft to tweak hard.  I suppose the blade could be made to go past the centers on purpose in a "swastika" type deal."

rotorhub.jpg (48630 bytes) "This shows such an arrangement.  Notice the undersized pod on the top.  The rotor assembly fits on a tube on the top of the helo, but only goes in about a quarter of an inch, so watch out for those steep attack angles."

backview.jpg (55434 bytes) "Here is a rear view.  you can see the engine pod mounted on the left side.  Opposite on the right is a 2inx2in open panel.  Landing gear is made up of a tricycle wheel set-up, two main tires up front and a tail dragger."

gang.jpg (55856 bytes) "Overall it's a good vehicle for Joes.  The scale is small, but at least there is room in the cockpit for a larger figure.  It still needs a chin gun.  Thanks for your attention.  Are there any questions?"

copterzoe.jpg (48873 bytes)


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