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B-OneMender's Realm

09 September 2001

Maple Flag 34-3


F-16CJ's.  These are my squadron jets

16 -5.JPG (58373 bytes) 16 line.JPG (60720 bytes)  16 inflt.JPG (60281 bytes) F-16CJ-3.JPG (58947 bytes)

 F-16CJ.JPG (60430 bytes) F-16.JPG (61023 bytes) F-16CJ-2.JPG (58655 bytes) 

The flightline was crowded and busy.  Here is a shot of -16's, -15's and -18's.

16-18-15.JPG (59948 bytes)  

16andGR-7.JPG (61121 bytes) Singapore AF F-16C

CF-18's.  The red scheme is the demo jet.  We got to see practice Airshows, almost every day.

CF-18.JPG (57339 bytes) CF-18Demo.JPG (60405 bytes)

18's and 130.JPG (61584 bytes) The airplanes in the air are German C-160's.  Although the slowest of the planes on the ramp, their high speed approaches and assault landings every day wowed everyone.

160's form.JPG (54965 bytes) 160assault.JPG (60327 bytes) 160assault2.JPG (62982 bytes)  GAFC160.JPG (59607 bytes) GAFC-160-2.JPG (61261 bytes) 



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