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B-OneMender's Realm

13 October 2002

Joe Links   work in progress

- The BEST all around Joe site on the web. A+++

- Usenet newsgroup. Known as The Sandbox. A great group of people. A must for any Joe-head. Unlimited knowledge available for those who ask.

- The WEB page of the Yahoogroups mailer The Frontline. Good pictures on the gallery page.

- The MSN Newsgroup

 - Home of the USDOC.  Teddy Terstegge has this page complete with pictures and a great storyline. Join the Flash Force today!

  - This company fueled my fire to start collecting after I saw an ad in a toy magazine. They have great repros and their own line "The Elite Brigade".

- Excellent custom uniforms.

- Greg Brown's page. Greg is the master of the "Mass Orders". He can get most Cotswold stuff at a discount, has a pretty thorough line of current stuff (both from small customizers and large companies), and even has his own customs for sale.

- Tom Calhoun put together this great customizer company. They have camping gear, GI Jane and Joe clothes and other cool stuff. Top notch quality and service!

- Dave can make just about any patch in 1/6th scale.

- Craig is tops at replacing the flocking on your old AT Joes.  Your heads are returned just like NEW. Does custom jobs like goatees and mutton chops and will flock a previously un-flocked head of your choice as well. A family business and a nice guy, too.

- Driftwood's excellent link page.  Over 500 and counting!

- Dragon Models.  Excellent detailed figures.  This site is updated almost daily with "teasers" of their upcoming product.

- Good source for mail order Dragons, loose parts and other figures.  Fast shipping and great prices.

- Loose parts galore.  Brady and co have great customer service and prices.  Look for Free Shipping Weekends!   Ymmmmm.

- 400-plus links GI Joe related links!

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