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B-OneMender's Realm

15 May 2002

Misc Aircraft Pic's

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midair2.jpg (332118 bytes) midair3.jpg (338198 bytes) midair5.jpg (365707 bytes) midair7.jpg (348668 bytes)

These are a few from an F-18/F-18 Mid-air collision. 


Inbox.jpg (63602 bytes) Inbox1.jpg (68041 bytes) Inbox2.jpg (40055 bytes)

I think this is an Russian Mi-24.

53ELDY.jpg (120439 bytes) 53ELDY1.jpg (90008 bytes) 53ELDY2.jpg (75842 bytes)  53ELDY3.jpg (101755 bytes)

Some "unique" camo patterns from the Marines.

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